Will the automatic carwash harm my clearcoat?
No, it won’t. The carwash actually applies protectants to your car’s finish during the wash process.
Many customers wash once a week. Dave takes this to the extreme, sometimes washing a few times a week. It’s simple. When your car is covered in dirt, wash it off! A clean car is safer because it’s more reflective and visible to other drivers and you can see much better out of clean windows!
Driveway washing takes up your precious time. It takes far less time to wash at a professional carwash. Think about it; the soap and water is ready as soon as you deposit coins into the Self Serve wash. Most customers are done in less than 15 minutes. At home it can take an hour or more to wash your car.

At a professional carwash, all wash water is properly disposed of. It goes into the sanitary sewer system and is cleaned at the wastewater treatment plant. When you wash in the driveway, the dirty water goes directly into the goundwater or into storm drains, which often flow directly into waterways. This practice harms fish and wildlife, reduces water quality and is actually illegal. Washing at a professional carwash is the way to go!

Don’t carwashes use lots of water?
Compared to home-washing, no. High pressure pumps are used at carwashes, which require less volume of water to produce a cleaner car than you get using the garden hose.

Carwashes like ours are water savers and very good for the environment!

Detailing is super-thorough car cleaning, waxing and polishing. For as long as there have been automobiles, there’s been detailing! On a vehicle exterior, the paint is washed, then rubbed down with a clay bar to remove surface contaminants like brake dust and embedded dirt. The any sap, pitch and tar are removed. Perhaps the paint will be machine buffed then a paste wax is applied. Aluminum and chrome wheels or ‘rims’ are cleaned and polished, and tires are shined!

On a vehicle interior, all nooks, crannies, and crevasses are cleaned, vinyl and leather are cleaned and conditioned, upholstery and carpeting are steam cleaned and the windows are washed.

Yes! We offer pickup and delivery to Orange, Athol and other North Quabbin Towns! Call us at (978) 544-5522 and we’ll schedule your appointment!
Yes; we’d love to. We pick up cars in Orange, Athol, Royalston, Petersham, Tully, Greenfield, Erving, Belchertown, New Salem, Wendell, and Westminster! Call (978)544-5522 to schedule your car today!
2-3 times per year.
Sometimes! Some scratches are successfully buffed and are made invisible. Others appear improved. Still others require some paint be applied to the scratch.

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