Passenger Car Pricing:
Full Detail. $199. Our Best Seller! We wash your car, clay treat the finish to remove brake dust and baked-on dirt, remove road tar and sap, apply Mothers Paste wax and tire shine. Inside, we steam clean, wash and condition all surfaces; carpeting, seats, headliner, mats, vinyl, leather and glass. This is the job that put us on the map back in the late 1980′s! Add double coat of Hot Wax for $29 more.
Wax, vacuum and windows. $149. Just what the name implies! A lighter interior clean than our full detail, Dave calls this job:”wax and a lite interior”. Perfect if your interior is in decent condition already but needs a ‘freshen up’. Your car will breathe a barely-audible “thank you!”, so listen carefully!
HotWax : $99. Our premier Hot Wax with Mothers Carnauba Paste. Includes a carwash, clay treatment and tire shine. “There’s no shine like Mothers!”
Double HotWax$130.  Same as above, but with 2 coats applied for better shine, durability and protection!
Machine Buffing: $59 per Hour. Removes scratches on the vehicle’s paint job.  Most vehicles require 1-2 hours for machine buffing.  We do it right! From the initial wash and prep to taping up emblems and mouldings and final clean-up, we know how to buff. We were taught by industry veterans like Hank Stott and Rick Michaelian and Denny Bryant in the proper techniques, tools and products to create a deep, lustrous, swirl free finish. Buffing truly is the next best thing to a new paint job. Try it and see!
Super Interior: $149. Includes a thorough and complete cleaning and conditioning of all interior surfaces. We throw in a litterbag to keep the car trash-free as well as your choice of Magic Tree air freshener. We also include a carwash as part of this service, because it just feels right and complete that way!
Mini Express Detail: $49. Our popular, value-packed express detail comes with a carwash, wheel cleaning/detailing, tire shine, vacuum, and streak-free window detailing.  Top it off with a magic tree of your choice and, voila!; you’re ‘stylin’ again and your car is, too!!!
Headlight Restoration:  $49 for 2 lights! Clears up cloudy car headlights and helps you see at night.  An added bonus?  Other motorists see you better, too!  Heck, let’s all be safe!
Used Car Sales: House of Wax is a licensed used car dealership! We specialize in new-to-you vehicles that are reliable, safe and squeaky clean.  Our vehicles are affordable.  Looking to sell your current car? We buy used cars, too.

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