What 15 Means

15 years ago, this business opened just up the street from where it currently operates.  We started with a vision of shiny cars, prosperity, abundance, service and expansion into the carwash business.  Today, we have, thankfully, met many of our company and personal goals while fully invested in the “Wonderful World of Wax and Polish”. YES!

What we have discovered along the way is that, first, everything is service.  Other key principles of our company are: Continuously invest in the business.  Find something in work to be excited about.  Stay positive.  Have fun.  Give 1 on 1 attention in customer relations.  Within every ‘problem’ lies an opportunity. Strive daily to take car cleaning to a higher level.  Focus on value for the customer.  Do right by our Planet Earth.  Be kind and generous in our North Quabbin Community.

Of course there were obstacles along the way to our 15 year mark in business, but thankfully they were few and surmountable.  Now we can continue doing what we do best for the future; washing and polishing and sanitizing your car. We will keep investing in new equipment, training and improvements.  We will donate to good, local people and groups, while we always look for ways to create more value for the customer.

Thank you!  Namaste.  Bless you.  Thank you.  Did I say that already?

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